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Gary Clark Incorporated currently enjoys a partnership or a business development relationship with Pest Management Services Inc., Strategic National Title Group, The Legendary Insurance Group, Legendary Chocolates, Pink Hydration Bottled Water, Social House, Velocity Wings, Lou's City Bar, Sky Zone-Waldorf and Sky Zone-Bowie.  


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This month's Client Spotlight is on Tessa Wilborne of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. 

#AgentoftheWeek Tessa Wilborne @tessawilborne is one of MD & VA’s most highly regarded #realestateagents. With 15 years of valuable experience, Tessa ensures smooth transactions for her clients, along with providing the added benefit of #NFL Legend Experiences! #dmvrealtor




PRESENTING DATE: June 21, 2019   

BETWEEN: Gary Clark Incorporated (GCI) and Allison Moser (AM). The following represents an agreement between GCI and AM.

Gary Clark Inc Overview:

OBJECTIVE: Develop business within the real estate services industry for GCI’s real estate settlement division in conjunction with SNT. AM will achieve this objective through NFL Legend inspired and memorable experiences, targeted marketing campaigns; utilization of existing relationships, channels and community marketing tactics that engage prospective real estate agents, mortgage consultants, builders and every day consumers to utilize the video and memorabilia settlement services offered by SNT.  


The following represents descriptions of obligation for MH and GCI.


  1. MH will provide GCI with an initial list of 35 or more real estate agents MH currently knows personally. Note: List must be provided within six hours after the signing of this agreement.

  2. MH will provide GCI with an initial list of 15 or more mortgage consultants MH currently knows personally. Note: List must be provided within six hours after the signing of this agreement.

  3. MH will solicit business Monday thru Friday and some weekends for GCI’S NFL Legend business development division for SNT and or other partners and associates of GCI.

  4. MH will solicit business from a minimum of 50 different real estate agents, known and not known, per week for the purposes of utilizing, through SNT, GCI’s NFL Legend closing videos and autograph signings.

  5. MH will solicit business from a minimum of 25 different mortgage consultants, known and not known, per week for the purposes of utilizing, through SNT, GCI’s NFL Legend closing videos and autograph signings for their own clients and for capturing their targeted real estate agents.

  6. Each Sunday by no later than 9:00 PM, MH will provide GCI with a list of real estate agents to be targeted and contacted during that week.

  7. MH will send out content marketing provided by GCI and SNT each Monday to a select audience via emails and text messages.

  8. MH will create a social media page dedicated to GCI-SNT marketing content.

  9. MH will shoot and create a weekly promotional video with MH’s smart phone to be posted on MH’s social media page.

  10. MH will host and set up bi-weekly lunch and learns to explain the benefits of utilizing GCI-SNT. 






  1. GCI will create for MH; content marketing consisting of videos or electronic PDF’s which highlight GCI-SNT’s new business development tools for agents, builders, mortgage consultants and consumers.

  2. GCI will create for MH; an information data tool alerting real estate agent’s to which consumers are in need of their real estate services.

  3. GCI will create for MH; events designed to introduce and place real estate agents directly inside a consumer’s household.

  4. GCI will implement for MH; memorable NFL Legend Experiences to incentivize agents to become loyal to MH and GCI-SNT.

  5. GCI will allow MH solicited agents and consultants who utilizes the services of GCI-SNT; the right to utilize the Washington Redskins Alumni Logo and GCI’s NFL Legend Logo in mutually agreed upon marketing campaigns of their choosing.

  6. A GCI NFL Legend, at MH’s request, will visit two to four selected MH real estate accounts per month to aid in supporting MH’s marketing success.

  7. A GCI NFL Legend will provide a congratulations video to be shown at each settlement closing of a MH generated real estate agent or mortgage consultant and their client.

  8. GCI will have an NFL Legend sign one or more autographs at a MH generated video settlement closing for each MH real estate agent and MH mortgage consultant closing with GCI-SNT.

  9. GCI will pay for each successful MH lunch and learn held to capture business from MH captured real estate agents and MH mortgage consultants for GCI-SNT.

  10. GCI, after a successful 90 day review, will provide MH with a MONTHLY gas allowance.



MH will receive the following compensation from GCI:

  1. See Addendum 1 found below.

All payments should be made payable to Mary Haley and mailed to:




The term of this agreement commences upon signature and continuous for as long as customers are generated and retained. Both parties agree to meet monthly to discuss how to further improve this endeavor. Note: GCI reserves the right to terminate this agreement if MH generates less than 20 video closing in 60 days or if MH fails to complete any of the obligations described in MH – Description of Obligations.

Mary Haley (MH) and Gary Clark Incorporated (GCI) agree to the terms of this agreement on this day known as December 18, 2018:



Mary Haley

By: _____________________________________

Title: Account Representative   

Date: 12/18/2018                  


Gary Clark Incorporated


Date: 12/18/2018             





    YEAR 1

Closing Videos


15 closings per month

$3,000 per month

30 closings per month

$6,000 per month

60 closings per month

$12,000 per month

120 closings per month

$24,000 per month

240 closings per month

$48,000 per month

480 closings per month

$96,000 per month

500 + closings per month

$100,000 per month


McLean, VA 22101

Tel: 571-314-5753

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