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In addition to enhancing brand awareness, creating a message that will stick in a listener's memory, jingles serve one other crucial purpose: attracting customers. A clever, unique, and memorable jingle can create a bond with a listener, making her feel an emotional connection to your brand, your products, and your services. When your jingle is pleasing to listen to and full of vital information listeners want to know, you can easily create a new customer base with a few simple lines of song.

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As an advertising method that has stood the test of time, jingles offer many advantages to marketers willing to take the plunge. As a simple, classic method of advertising, jingles associate your brand with a source of information, providing a memorable way for your customers to learn more about what you have to offer. Whether your jingle is something short and sweet or a little longer and more informative, the right jingle can make a world of difference in your advertising strategy.



The right jingle can act like an earworm and become a familiar, repetitive sound the brain will store and recall. I said right jingle because there’s a kind of science behind crafting the right sound for a brand. Consumers may react negatively with your brand if your jingle is annoying, unpleasant, or disruptive. Sometimes just like with a favorite song, even the opening few notes will generate memory triggers and people will automatically start singing the song or jingle. Think of McDonald’s. Ba da da da daaaa … you’re loving it, right?


Jingles can be crafted in several different ways. Should it rhyme? Should it contain the company tagline or slogan? What about trying to include a website URL or phone number? There are some hard, fast tips about jingle creation, however. Simplicity is the biggest. It’s a jingle – not an entire creative brief or billboard. Being clear and concise is key. Listeners shouldn’t have to think too hard to hum or recite it back. Another must is catchiness. Think of Peyton Manning’s Nationwide campaign – Chicken Parm you taste so good, marketed to fit the insurance company’s actual jingle, Nationwide is on your side. That jingle was solid, simple, and catchy for many years. In 2016 Nationwide switched up their jingle to showcase their many sides.

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  • The biggest reason that jingles are used to promote products is that advertisers know jingles help people to remember the commercial. Research supports this assumption. An article in the 1991 "Advances in Consumer Research" notes that researchers consistently find music increases recall -- unless the music is itself difficult to remember. Simple tunes with simple words virtually guarantee that the consumer will remember the advertisement, sometimes for years.


  • A good ad campaign involves repetition so that the consumer will associate the product with the company. Jingles take repetition a step further. After hearing a jingle several times as part of a marketing campaign, consumers will often create their own repetition, humming the tune or singing the words in their head. Sometimes the mere sight of the product can trigger the words of the corresponding jingle. Jingles can take on a life of their own, showing up in popular media such as songs, movies and in online social networks. The result is additional product promotion at no cost to the company.


  • Jingles work. While ad companies are still testing the effects of many forms of advertising, history shows that commercials that incorporate jingles are often effective. For example, most people are familiar with phrases such as "I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener," "Be all that you can be in the Army" and "Double your pleasure, double your fun with Wrigley's Doublemint gum." Not only do people remember the jingles, but many are likely to choose the product advertised over competing products, according to researchers. After all, don't people prefer energy drinks that "give you wings?"


  • Branding is all about creating an image of your company and having that image stick in customer's minds. Jingles are an effective adjunct to visual advertising when it comes to creating a brand. People who are not able to connect a clever logo to your brand might remember a catchy tune quite well. Put the name of your company or product in the jingle, and your company will forever be associated with the accompanying words, as long as listeners are exposed to the jingle enough times.




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