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I want to thank Steve Proctor for inviting me to share in a wonderful evening that allowed me to meet such a stellar cast of individuals, from left to right, such as, Larry Robinson, 1994 NBA Champ with Houston Rockets , Jodi Rizzo, co-host of the party and gracious host of the after gathering at her beautiful home; her other half and Rockstar Mike Rizzo, GM of 2019 World Series Champion Washington Nationals and simply one of the kindest and most down to earth individual’s on the planet; I got to meet and chat with the speaker of the night,  former & what appears to be the future Governor of Virginia once more, the charming and well spoken  Terry McAuliffe and the man, David Jones, co-chairman of Gov. McAuliffe’s Finance Committee and last but certainly not least, the amazing Ashley Forester, co-host of the party as well as a host of other wonderful individuals not seen here in this picture. It was simply an incredible night.

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