Our goal is simple, increase your business revenue by enhancing the way your brand is perceived and resonates with your past, present and future clients. 


This WHITE BOARD is being created with the goal of achieving the following objectives for your Mortgage Business: 





To ensure the above referenced results are achieved; Gary Clark Incorporated will enlist the services and resources from the following Strategic Network Partners: 

  • Strategic National Title Group 

  • Pest Management Services Inc (PMSI) 

  • Legendary Credit Repair

  • Legendary Chocolates

  • Pink Hydration Bottled Water

  • The Legendary Insurance Group

It is the network's goal to create or partner with other business platforms which generate revenue and brand awareness for you through joint marketing efforts to a target audience for a mutually rewarding outcome.

What is your 12 month financial goal?

ANSWER: Get back to earning six figures. It has been 2 years since I left my previous job in a call center to build my own book of business and obtain more professional freedom. After 2 years of business development I am ready to get back to earning what I was making at the call center

What is your 12 month branding goal? 

ANSWER: Simply to establish some type of branding. For the last two years I have head my down just
trying to grow my book of business and make enough to survive. Now that I have some momentum it is
time to take the next step.

What is your 12 month community identity goal?

ANSWER: Just want to establish an identity!

This white board has been created to brain storm ideas and to establish creative strategies and tools that will allow us to inspire the community you live in and serve, keep you connected with your past, current and future clients and help in growing your business and enhancing your brand. We will achieve these goals by 

combining the resources and intellect of this strategic partnership. By arming you with amazing engagement tools and experiences; you can't help but to grow your financial wealth, brand awareness, community identity and business relationships.


  1. How many mortgage transactions did you close in 2018?, 2019? 0 transactions in 2018 (transitioning from call center to self-gen)
    20 transactions in 2019 (first full year or self-gen origination)

  2. What did you do or fail to do to increase your business for each of those following year? I leveraged my substantial amount of connections in this area into meetings with realtors to generate referrals. I also simply reached out to my sphere of influence to let them know I was “open for business.” I attended a lot of networking events and joined a business referral group. I should have spent more time cold calling old branch leads to generate additional business.    SUGGESTION: You basically did 1.67 transactions per month. Let's make a list of all of your contacts and rank them in importance from 1 to 5. Once this list is made you will contact every single one of them by sending them a message and letting them know that you are a mortgage consultant and if they're seeking to purchase or refi that you would love the opportunity to service their needs. When attending a networking event make sure you are attending that event with sincere purpose of getting at least 3 to 5 quality leads out of that event.

  3. What various organizations do you currently belong? How much business does these organizations provide you? I belong to the Bethesda Referral Networking Group as part of the Team Network Corp. This has generated 1 transaction to date but there have been other referrals that have not yet closed. I am also a member of GCAAR. I haven’t gained any additional business from that membership. SUGGESTION: Make a list illustrating each person in your networking group and the industry their business represents. We will then explore what incentives we can provide that group to get data on their sphere of employees, friends and associates who need mortgage financing.  In terms of GCAAR I need more information on the atmosphere of the types of GCAAR events you attend. 

  4. What is your protocol for getting business from within these specific organizations or industries? “See and be seen.” The only way to generate business/referrals is to be a constant presence at meetings/events. I have done a good job with my Team Network group and a poor job with GCAAR.  SUGGESTION: You should create a very specific agenda of what you want to achieve when meeting with individuals from this network group, meaning when the meeting or visit is over did you achieve what you set out to achieve when agreeing to that meeting. The GCAAR fix is simple. Attend more GCAAR events especially if there are a number of realtors in attendance.

  5. What is your current drip campaign to your past, current and future clients? As my branch transitioned away from our old employer (Envoy Mortgage) we have been tinkering with several different platforms. We currently are signed up with Hubspot but are soon leaving for LeadMailbox which seems to have much more to offer in the way of drip campaigns. Some of our investors send out email  campaigns to any clients we have closed with them. Other than that I rely on  myself to be consistent with follow ups. SUGGESTION: Provide me with the information of what LeadMailbox offers.

  6. What engagement tool are you currently utilizing that will obligate a past client to contact you? I don’t currently use any “tools” but simply put reminders in my calendar to check in with past clients every few weeks/months (depending on the client) to see how life is going and pitch them on potential deals. SUGGESTION: You should make sure your profile on your past clients is very complete. Meaning you need to know their birthdays, anniversaries, anniversary of their loan closing date with you; if they have kids you need to know their birthdays and what activities they enjoy, especially if they are sports. Now to ensure your past clients contact you, you must take an action to give them a reason to contact you. Example: You deliver a warm great smelling pie to their home or office (office would be better) on their birthday or the anniversary of their loan closing.  

  7. What are you doing to enhance your community identity? Nothing right now. Hoping to establish an identity in 2020! SUGGESTION: That has to change immediately, especially since your a soccer player. Create a FREE NFL Legend Youth Football Chalk Talk for the families of your farming area youth football players.  Because of the volume of kids that play youth sports it is imperative that you insert yourself into this culture and take advantage of the thousands of households you can begin marketing your services.

  8. Have you ever utilized sports as a means to growing your business? I coached at a local high school in 2018 and 2019 in an effort to meet new people. It hasn’t
    yielded any business as of yet but has given me some exposure. It isn’t a business but I participated in local intramural sports leagues to meet new people as well. The more people know me and know what I do the better!
     SUGGESTION: This is awesome. You need to set up a skills clinic for WR's, RB's, DB's, LB's and Linemen and offer it to your team as well as all the local youth teams in that area to be held at that school.

  9. Do you currently enjoy or have any sports oriented relationships? No   SUGGESTION: You say don't have any but obviously you do as stated in your answer to the question above. Call on those relationships to introduce you to their coaching and former player networks

  10. How many sports themed business are located in your farming market?  Do you have relationships with these businesses? No existing relationships but In DC/MD/VA there are a lot of potential businesses I could look to partner with. Just need to do the research SUGGESTION: Make a list of all of the potential sports themed businesses in your farming area and get on it.

  11. How many youth football or sports leagues are in your farming market?

  12. How many high school football or sports leagues are in your farming market? A lot... SUGGESTION: Make a contact list of all of the programs in that farming market and begin contacting them by asking each of them; if they had their own NFL Legends Sports & Entertainment Division... How would they utilize it to enhance their football or sports program ...

  13. Have you ever targeted the NFL Fan Base? College Football Fan Base? High School Football Fan Base? Youth Football Fan Base? Starbucks Fan Base or any other target audience base where you know exactly where they will be ... When they will be there ... and exactly what they like ...   I have not  SUGGESTION:

  14. What are you currently doing that has proven to be successful in growing your business for 2019? I believe in this line of work service is everything. If my communication is up the standard I have set for myself I know that my business will continue to grow. I believe it is important to not only communicate with the client but also with all parties involved. Making life easier for the listing agent will  only improve the chances of them sending you referrals in the future.    SUGGESTION: You have to add specific goals of achievement to this philosophy so that you are able to measure it. It's very important to be able to measure your successes and failures so that you truly understand what works.  

  15. What can our Network do to bring additional value to enhance those successful results ? Help gain more exposure and build a brand. I know that I am good at what I do so the more people I am given the chance to work with the more people will see that SUGGESTION: Adding any of the below suggested NFL Legend Experiences will aid you tremendously in this effort.

  16. What are you currently doing that has proven not to be successful in growing your business? Up to this point I haven’t had the liquidity to invest back into my business to help it grow. With deals closing more frequently however that will change in 2020.  SUGGESTION: It's always good to reinvest into your business. It's actually a MUST!!! Rather it be financially or thru barter. You must invest into your business for your business to grow. 

  17. What can our Network do to aid in correcting this vehicle so that it might turn a failure into a success? With added exposure leading to more closings I will have more funds to invest back into my business to help it grow quicker. SUGGESTION: As we work to grow your business you will definitely increase your volume of business. Jenny can really aid you in speeding up this process. So sit down and meet with her.  

Network's Immediate suggestions are:

  1. Start our "Show Me The Money" Client Appreciation Giveaway for your past or future clients

  2. Find out who in your target audience and current network are football or sports fans and create an experience tailored to that audience

  3. Find out who in your current network have relationships with sports themed businesses and create an experience tailored to their customer base

  4. Make an alliance with a youth football organization or league and create a NFL Legend Youth Football or Fitness Camp

  5. Find out who in your target audience and current network are business owners to see if a mutually beneficial alliance can be formed

  6. Find out who in your target audience/current network sits on charity boards or are affiliated with charities and donate our NFL Legend Charitable Gift Package to their charity of choice 


Our Network's ability for getting your brand into the households of your current, past and future clients begins with providing you access to vehicles and tools which can target households in your farming area who enjoy sports and entertainment. If you select a tool with data-mining capabilities, such as our NFL Legend Giveaway vehicle, you will be able to know immediately which target audience members are seeking to buy, sell or rent a home. Your vehicles of choice can be found under the following NFL Legend Engagement Categories: 















Go to for details about the NFL Legend Experiences Packages.


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The Legendary Group, headed by Jessica Porter, is a full service insurance brokerage that strives to be your partner in managing risk. Our strategy is simple: we work with the strongest carriers in the market and partner with them to deliver the best solutions for your risks at the best possible cost coupled with the best service.  Please contact Jessica @ (240) 357-4198 or for your clients Homeowner Policy Needs or contact us for any of Your Following Insurance Needs:​

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