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 Our 1st goal is simple; spread awareness about the need to find a cure for cancer by providing extraordinary monthly events for families and those amazing individuals who understand that finding a cure is done by continued awareness. Our 2nd goal is to provide the best tasting water in the world. 


pink hydration - bottled water

Water is the source of life.  It’s refreshing, a necessity for survival and a common bond between humanity.  But, the world we live in now is showered with disease, and painstaking heartaches due to cancer and other illnesses that can deflate a family, the patient and the caregiver.

Water for a Cause gives back to the family that needs support going through this terrible time.  It creates memories for the children of parents that suffer, giving them a day that’s worry-free and fun instead of heartache.

Water for a cause helps your cause, just buy purchasing Pink Hydration.  A percentage of your purchase will go to the charity of your choice, no strings attached.  You will be able to see in the photos shown on this site the benefits that come from choosing Pink Hydration as your water.  It’s a choice.  Choose water with a lower alkaline factor or choose Pink Hydration for high alkaline water, healthier for you and your family, and that creates a positive experience for someone who is struggling with illness.

Everyone buys water but not every water is the same.  Not every water helps others. Drink Pink Hydration, support  families and spread awareness.


The Greek God, Apollo, god of medicine, sun, light and knowledge smiled down on the White Mountains of Crete and from the Spring of the Therisso Municipality in Variptero, Chania, comes Pink Hydration.


Located on the northwest foot of the White Mountains at an altitude of 580 meters, access can only be gained by crossing the “Eleftherios Venizelos” gorge of natural beauty.

As a new leader in the bottled water industry, Pink Hydration has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of bottled water. 


Before a PH bottle reaches your door step, the journey from Greece begins.

  1.  Collecting the water and quality control check

  2. Filtration and sterilization

  3. Filling in unique PH bottles and labeled

  4. Delivery to your doorstep

Our drinkable alkaline bottled spring water helps neutralize the acidity in the body.  With a PH level of 8.2, Pink Hydration bottled water reduces the level of free radicals, and helps the bodies overall health.  It is the perfect equation for healthy hydration and healthy living!

To purchase pink hydration bottled water contact us directly at (703) 314-2408 or email us @

To Learn More Please Go To: and

Strategic National Title Group has joined forces with Gary Clark Incorporated to create a dynamic real estate network armed with benefits with the sole purpose of growing and enhancing a real estate professional's, financial wealth, community identity and brand awareness. In joining this network you are making a real impact on the future of your business. We've designed resources specifically for real estate professionals like you. We will maximize your growth and identify potential customers by showcasing your services to a fan base that supports the 60 billion dollar industry known as the National Football League. Joining this collaboration will take your business to the next level. For all of your real estate settlement needs please contact your Team Leader, Debbie Schroeder @ (301) 641-4186.

PMSI is determined to provide you with the best customer satisfaction possible. All of our technicians are uniformed and will arrive in brand new company trucks with the PMSI logo clearly visible on the side. Every single technician working here is either state registered or certified, so you know they are knowledgeable about what they are doing. Termite Inspections are only $30. You can't beat this deal for your clients and the service is simply impeccable. 

Agents, for ordering your termite inspection please go

For your Client Appreciation Gift at Settlement, Gary Clark Incorporated is proud to announce that its Legendary Chocolates Division has partnered with the luxury chocolate brand,"SPAGnVOLA" to bring you the most delectable chocolates in the world. Today, SPAGnVOLA represents the finest single-estate chocolates derived from the hands of farmers.  We believe that the finest chocolates in the world can only be produced by cacao growers, such as SPAGnVOLA, and from their respective geographical locations.  It is with this commitment that we have established a meticulous quality assurance through which SPAGnVOLA chocolate is processed.  Evolving from that process is a brand of chocolate that is specifically designed for the most demanding customers -- you. To order your chocolates, please contact Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753

Mortgage Guru Jenny  Lola is passionate about her business and truly loves how each loan is as unique as the borrowers involved. Jenny and her expert team of loan consultants take pride in knowing and understanding that they're providing advice and services that effect the largest purchase which most people will ever make in a lifetime.  


Jenny states in her own words, "It is my job to ensure my clients receive the best rates, close on time, and receive the highest level of customer service and communication throughout the mortgage process". "The strength of my reputation lies in our efficiencies in technology, experienced staff members, and in-house decision-making ability here at Mortgages By Jenny".

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