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 Our goal is simple, increase your credit score by simply fixing your credit with no non-sense, strategic examining of your specific situation. We are innovative and understand without question the credit improvement process.  

Your first payment is charged 5 days after enrolling in our credit repair services program. This will allow us 5 days to set up your case file and initiate your first round of investigations. All future monthly payments will be billed on the same day of each following month for our services.

The Monthly service includes:


Legal in-depth Credit Audit

We go over your credit report with a fine tooth comb breaking down every account to determine the best course of action to take in order to optimize your credit score and help you attain your goal in the minimum amount of time.


Unlimited Credit Bureau Challenges

No matter how many accounts you have on your credit reports, you will only be charged our low monthly fee of $69.99.


Unlimited Procedural Request Verification

Verifying that the credit bureaus are complying with the law by verifying your account through an accepted verification procedure is one of the strongest tools in the credit repair process.


Unlimited Inquiry Challenges

Your credit score can decrease 2-5 points per inquiry. We will work with your creditors to verify the permissible purpose of the inquiries appearing in your credit reports.


Unlimited Personal Info Variance Challenges

Too many Personal Information Variances negatively impact your credit score.  They are also markers for instability, displaying sporadic behavior to potential lenders.  Legendary Credit Repair will work to remove multiple name, address, employer, and other personal information variances which are incorrect, incomplete, or unverifiable to optimize your credit score and increase your look of stability, thereby making you more attractive to potential lenders.

Unlimited Goodwill Interventions

A friendly intervention which leverages your current upstanding relationship with your creditor in an effort to positively impact the past payment record and reporting on your credit report.


Unlimited Escalated info Requests

This mildly confrontational intervention requests documentation and proof of a creditor’s compliance with various consumer protection statutes, or a change to the way it is reporting an account on your credit reports.


Unlimited Debt Validation

This highly aggressive intervention enforces your Consumer Rights by demanding a complete accounting of the account in question including copies of the original signed application/contract, previous statements, and other documents asking the creditor to prove your liability in depth and beyond a reasonable doubt or the removal of the account from your credit reports.

 Text "Lets Get Started Today" to (571) 314-5753 or enroll @

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Legendary Credit Repair
Free Credit Consultation
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Legendary Credit Repair
     Our Promise To You

Our certified credit consultants provide you with a FREE credit consultation. The credit consultation includes a review of your credit report and a step by step ACTION PLAN indicating the necessary steps to improve your credit in order to achieve your goal.

We promise to give you an exceptional customer experience and an honest value each and every step you are invested in our credit repair program. If you are ready to get started, we are ready for you!

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Legendary Credit Repair
    Why Choose Legendary

Legendary Credit Repair, was founded by 2X Super Bowl Champion, Gary Clark to help defend individuals like you and your rights against the credit reporting agencies, creditors, and the CDIA. The entire Legendary staff believes that every consumer deserves the right to have good credit. That is why we would be honored to represent you throughout the credit repair process. Will you be our next success story?

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Legendary Credit Repair
          Our Priority

At Legendary Credit Repair our number one priority is your credit score.  When it comes to credit repair, we know what works, so we focus all of our actions to delivering you results in a timely manner.

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