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 Our goal is simple, increase our business revenue by enhancing the way our brand is perceived and resonates with those in need of our services. 


The following explains how we can generate revenue in your area thru pest control services, real estate settlement services, insurance services like home, life, auto, client appreciation gifts thru luxury chocolates, and marketing fees thru residential real estate sales.  It is also our goal to create a platform that generates revenue through you doing motivational speaking through various targeted audiences.


Our initial goal is to generate $1,000,000 within the first 12 months of creating this partnership. This white board has been created to share ideas and to establish creative strategies and tools that will allow us to reach our initial goal. I would like Kelly Horsey Inc to join forces with Gary Clark Incorporated to create a dynamic  partnership armed with experiences and benefits which will grow our community identity, brand awareness, and most importantly our financial wealth.


  1. Where do we start first? Devising a plan for our Motivational Speaking Division or devising a plan for the other above mentioned industry? 

  2. How much revenue can we expect to generate from each industry in the first 90 days? 

  3. What is our protocol for getting business within each specific industry?

My thoughts on the motivational speaking plaform:










  1. Order Termite Inspections at

  2. Order Real Estate Settlement with Debbie Schroder @ (301) 641-4186 

  3. Order Homeowner Insurance with Jessica Porter @ (240) 357-4198

  4. Order Client Appreciation Gift of Chocolate with Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753

  5. Order Bottled Water with Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753  

For more information contact us at or text (571) 314 - 5753

Chocolate Truffles
SpagnVola Chocolates
Legendary Chocolates

For your Client Appreciation Gift at Settlement, Gary Clark Incorporated is proud to announce that its Legendary Chocolates Division has partnered with the luxury chocolate brand,"SPAGnVOLA" to bring you the most delectable chocolates in the world. Today, SPAGnVOLA represents the finest single-estate chocolates derived from the hands of farmers.  We believe that the finest chocolates in the world can only be produced by cacao growers, such as SPAGnVOLA, and from their respective geographical locations.  It is with this commitment that we have established a meticulous quality assurance through which SPAGnVOLA chocolate is processed.  Evolving from that process is a brand of chocolate that is specifically designed for the most demanding customers -- you. To order your chocolates, please contact Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753

Inspiring Growth.png
Strategic National Title
Real Estate Settlement

Strategic National Title Group has joined forces with Gary Clark Incorporated to create a dynamic real estate network armed with benefits with the sole purpose of growing and enhancing a real estate professional's, financial wealth, community identity and brand awareness. In joining this network you are making a real impact on the future of your business. We've designed resources specifically for real estate professionals like you. We will maximize your growth and identify potential customers by showcasing your services to a fan base that supports the 60 billion dollar industry known as the National Football League. Joining this collaboration will take your business to the next level. For all of your real estate settlement needs please contact your Team Leader, Debbie Schroeder @ (301) 641-4186.

Pest Control
Pest Management Services

PMSI is determined to provide you with the best customer satisfaction possible. All of our technicians are uniformed and will arrive in brand new company trucks with the PMSI logo clearly visible on the side. Every single technician working here is either state registered or certified, so you know they are knowledgeable about what they are doing. Termite Inspections are only $30. You can't beat this deal for your clients and the service is simply impeccable. 

Agents, for ordering your termite inspection please go to

Businessmen with Umbrellas
Homeowner Insurance
The Legendary Group

The Legendary Group, headed by Jessica Porter, is a full service insurance brokerage that strives to be your partner in managing risk. Our strategy is simple: we work with the strongest carriers in the market and partner with them to deliver the best solutions for your risks at the best possible cost coupled with the best service.  Please contact Jessica @ (240) 357-4198 or for your clients Homeowner Policy Needs or contact us for any of Your Following Insurance Needs:​

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Automotive Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Business Insurance

  • Personal Insurance

  • Employee Benefits

  • Payroll Services

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