Our National Football Legend Sports and Entertainment Division was created by 2x Super Bowl Champion and founder, Gary Clark.

The initial idea was to connect our clients and customers with their clients and customers. This basic idea now represents the foundation of what Gary Clark Incorporated is build upon. 

Clark's vision to create a division that naturally gives a targeted audience a reason to want to utilize our clients services is the fuel which makes both GCI and our clients successful.

The audience we target for our clients is a massive one and the experiences we provide are ones which we know with certainty they'll enjoy and respond to with positive results for our clients and their brand.



Gary Clark Incorporated takes your business to the next level by targeting an audience it knows will respond positively to the experiences being offered to one's family, friends, clients and customers.


Our target audience will display their  gratitude by rewarding the individual  or company they feel are responsible by utilizing or purchasing their goods and services. 

The audience we suggest our clients target are the 581,000,000 plus NFL Fans as well as those individuals who support enjoying a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a fitness level that provides longevity. Our NFL Legend experiences will aid you in having   your brand, evolve, grow and inspire  this audience as it also promotes customer appreciation and loyalty.

Our NFL Legend Experiences will  define who exactly are in need of our clients goods and services.   


Gary Clark Incorporated takes pride in creating memorable experiences that inspires the way your past, current and future clients interact with you, your brand and the products and/or services you provide. 


Through thoughtful insight, research and innovative  strategies, we deliver an undeniable impact on your target audience to ensure certain success for your business, brand and revenue centers

Our "NFL Legend Engagement Marketing" approach puts a strict emphasis on generating detailed  information from your target  audience so you as our clients know immediately who and what potential clients are seeking your goods and services.  

By having the target audience register to an information link; we capture lead information which qualifies who  are in need of your goods / services. 



Gary Clark Incorporated's NFLegend Inc Division

Mobile Office: (571) 314-5753

Email Address: gary@garyclarkinc.com