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 Our goal is simple, increase your business revenue by enhancing the way your brand is perceived and resonates with those in need of your services. 

​Dear Mortgage Professional,

You've been invited to join our Growth Network.  Strategic National Title Group, Pest Management Services Inc, Legendary Chocolates, Legendary Credit Repair, Legendary Insurance Group and The Pink Hydration Bottled Water Company have joined forces with Gary Clark Incorporated to create a dynamic Pro Football Real Estate Network armed with experiences and benefits which grows your community identity, brand awareness, financial wealth and most importantly, serve as a thank you to your past, current and future clients.

In joining this growth network you are making a significant impact on the future of your business. We've created experiences designed specifically to grow your business footprint and to actively engage those customers responsible for your business success. By associating you with players and elements of the National Football League; We will identify potential customers, help retain existing customers and maximize your overall real estate health and growth.

This growth network has been specifically designed to take your business to the next level.  The strength of this network lies in its memorable and unforgettable NFL Legend Experiences. Use our business development strategies and NFL Legends to develop and create business for you, your brand and your team. The Gary Clark Inc Real Estate Network is the "Game Changer" you need to grow your business revenue through  engagement with realtors as well as your past, current and future clients and the various communities and networks you seek to serve and support.​​


  1. Real Estate Professional (REP) pays a modest re-investment advertising fee of $50 per month. Note: First 3 months waived.  

  2. Once "each" of our Network Partners are utilized 5 times by clients from REP's sphere; REP receives the choice of a FREE, unforgettable, NFL Legend Experience. Note: Every time this process is repeated, REP receives the choice of a FREE NFL Legend Experience.

  3. After completing steps 1 and 2, REP selects an NFL Legend Experience from the category list found by clicking the EXPERIENCE button found below.

  4. As a Participating Network Agent please provide your strategic partners with your current number of clients seeking to refinance their home with estimated closing dates. Text that number to our Mobile Office @ (571) 314-5753. 


The following represents the network's thoughts on what NFL Legend Experiences should be utilized to aid in enhancing your relationships with your past, current and future clients as well as your sphere of influence and community service obligation. Enhancing your relationships within these categories will definitely secure future business and future revenue for you and your real estate team. To get you started our network will SPONSOR a monthly Visa Gift Card Giveaway with the winners to be announced monthly. You will be provided a template for digital marketing of your giveaway and provided a link to begin capturing information on which households are in need of your services.

Here's an example of what your link would look like: Let's Get You Started For an Amazing Year.

For a list of NFL Legend Experiences to choose CLICK EXPERIENCE:  ​



  1. For Mortgage Financing contact Jenny Lola @ (240) 508-8950

  2. Order Termite Inspections at

  3. Order Real Estate Settlement with Debbie Schroder @ (301) 641-4186 

  4. Order Credit Repair with Gary Clark @

  5. Order Client Appreciation Gift of Chocolate with Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753

  6. Order Bottled Water with Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753  

  7. Order Homeowners Insurance with Jessica Porter @ (240) 357-4198

For more information contact us at or text (571) 314 - 5753

Chocolate Truffles
SpagnVola Chocolates
Legendary Chocolates
Pest Control
Pest Management Services

For your Client Appreciation Gift at Settlement, Gary Clark Incorporated is proud to announce that its Legendary Chocolates Division has partnered with the luxury chocolate brand,"SPAGnVOLA" to bring you the most delectable chocolates in the world. Today, SPAGnVOLA represents the finest single-estate chocolates derived from the hands of farmers.  We believe that the finest chocolates in the world can only be produced by cacao growers, such as SPAGnVOLA, and from their respective geographical locations.  It is with this commitment that we have established a meticulous quality assurance through which SPAGnVOLA chocolate is processed.  Evolving from that process is a brand of chocolate that is specifically designed for the most demanding customers -- you. To order your chocolates, please contact Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753

Inspiring Growth.png
Strategic National Title
Real Estate Settlement

Strategic National Title Group has joined forces with Gary Clark Incorporated to create a dynamic real estate network armed with benefits with the sole purpose of growing and enhancing a real estate professional's, financial wealth, community identity and brand awareness. In joining this network you are making a real impact on the future of your business. We've designed resources specifically for real estate professionals like you. We will maximize your growth and identify potential customers by showcasing your services to a fan base that supports the 60 billion dollar industry known as the National Football League. Joining this collaboration will take your business to the next level. For all of your real estate settlement needs please contact your Team Leader, Debbie Schroeder @ (301) 641-4186.

PMSI is determined to provide you with the best customer satisfaction possible. All of our technicians are uniformed and will arrive in brand new company trucks with the PMSI logo clearly visible on the side. Every single technician working here is either state registered or certified, so you know they are knowledgeable about what they are doing. Termite Inspections are only $30. You can't beat this deal for your clients and the service is simply impeccable. 

Agents, to order your termite inspection please go to

Businessmen with Umbrellas
Credit Repair 

For clients trying to purchase a NEW HOME with less than perfect credit the task is difficult and typically an agent does not have the time or patience to wait for that individual to repair their credit. However, Legendary Credit Repair has the expertise and time to manage that client and get his or her score up so he or she can purchase a home and they alert you immediately once that individual is ready to finance the purchase of a new home. For more details and to learn the process. 

Please contact Gary Clark @ (571) 314-5753 or  or contact us for any of Your Following Credit Repair Needs:​

  • Late Payments

  • Tax Liens

  • Bankruptcy

  • Evictions

  • Medical Bills

  • Repossessions

  • Charge Offs

  • Student LoansStudent 

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